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Mandy B has been in the beauty industry for 15 years.  She not only specializes in hair but also in airbrush makeup and spray tanning.  Mandy B is a graduate of Paul Mitchell the School and has gone on to obtain her teaching certification for Itely Hair Fashions (Colorly Hair Color) and Babe Hair extensions.  She believes every woman is beautiful and should always have the power to feel like the most beautiful woman alive.  Mandy B is passionate about her work and believes everyone deserves top notch services without the steep prices of high end salons.
  1. Cuts
  2. Updos
  3. updo
  4. updo
  5. updo
  6. style
  7. Airbrush Makeup/ updo
  8. Airbrush Makeup and updo
  9. Title 9
  10. Title 10
  11. updo
  12. Halloween fun
  13. Airbrush Makeup
  14. Ombre
  15. Extensions, highlight, color
  16. extensions/ highlight
  17. extensions/ color
  18. Extensions/color/cut
  19. cut/color
  20. color/highlight
  21. cut
  22. cut/ dimensional color
  23. cut, color, highlight
  24. Airbrush
  25. Title 25
  26. Title 26
  27. Dimensional color/cut
  28. updo
  29. Title 29
  30. Extensions
Mandy B.
Hair/ Airbrush MUA
Owner/ Master Stylist